Our Company
SWM is an innovation engine. As a premier specialty company we have become a global leader of engineered solutions for the tobacco industry worldwide. We are pursuing a strategic transformation, driving growth through continuous innovation for our customers and ourselves. The results speak for themselves.

the largest producer of cigarette papersWe are the largest producer of cigarette papers in the world.
Our estimated worldwide share of the cigarette paper market is 36%, excluding China which is largely self-sufficient.
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150 patents150 patents. 80 patent applications.
The patents we own cover a variety of cigarette papers, RTL and cigar wrappers and binder products and processes in the United States, Western Europe and other countries.
2900 employees2900+ employees. 50 research personnel8 million + yearly spent on research and development
We believe that our research and product development capabilities are unsurpassed in the industry and have played an important role in establishing our reputation for high-quality, superior products.