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Porowrap® Porous Plug Wrap
Cigarette filters, introduced in the 1920s, came of age in the 1950s and have continually evolved to become highly sophisticated mechanisms that impose unique demands on papermakers. At SWM, those demands led to the development of our unique Porowrap® Porous Plug Wrap, an innovative breakthrough which gave cigarette designers precisely what they had been seeking: a natural way to control airflow in ventilated cigarettes.

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A Natural Solution, A New Category

Until the advent of Porowrap®, cigarette designers had limited options to produce ventilated filter cigarettes. Porowrap® changed all that. It provides an all-natural, high-porosity solution to control cigarette airflow. It's become an essential component of today's ideal filter ventilation systems. In fact, its rapid adoption and success has created an entirely new category.

Among its many advantages, Porowrap® provides cigarette ventilation and airflow without the need for expensive online ventilation measures. We manufacture Porowrap® using the most advanced incline wire technology, which, combined with a unique combination of long-fiber pulps and SWM expertise, creates a natural way for designers to achieve the desired air permeability for filter production, while delivering the consistency and quality they deserve.

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