Corporate Environment, Health, and Safety Policy Statement

SWM International is a business that cares about people and the environment.  We believe that through genuine commitment to health, safety, and environmental responsibilities we can make a positive impact on our employees, customers, stakeholders, and the public by providing a healthy, safe, and environmentally conscious workplace.


SWM is committed to:


  • Always striving to provide safe and injury free workplaces for our employees, contractors, and visitors through effective risk assessment and practical preventative and corrective actions.


  • Complying with controlling laws and ensuring SWM’s strict EHS standards are applied at all of our global locations.


  • Measuring and reporting global EHS performance through a centralized electronic management system.


  • Establishing and communicating a clear EHS vision encompassing long term objectives, short term goals, and measurable parameters of success.


  • Providing employees with instruction, information, and training to safely operate within the workplace.


  • Respecting and protecting the environment by preventing pollution, minimizing waste, and conserving resources.


  • Maintaining a global governance structure with accountability for EHS throughout the organization.


  • Fostering a culture of conversation on EHS issues which engages all SWM employees to have decision rights to stop work if it is deemed unsafe.


Through our commitments we continue to a make a lasting contribution to health, safety, and environment that are measurable and demonstrable throughout our global operation.


Jeffrey Kramer

Group Chief Executive Officer


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