Crop and Animal Protection

SWM netting helps you safeguard your agriculture or animal farming operation.

About this market

SWM crop and animal protection netting is the ideal material to contain and protect your valuable assets.


In order to increase the odds of success, farmers around the world trust SWM netting to protect their crops and animals from unwanted predators and weather elements. From vineyards and fruit orchards to poultry farms and wildlife control, our plastic netting offers strong, lightweight and durable features. SWM crop and animal protection netting can also be used in bat and pest control, building protection and more.


Benefits of Our Crop & Animal Protection Netting

  • Easy installation for a wide variety of applications
  • Various netting configurations to protect animals from harm
  • Strong, lightweight plastic mesh as a long lasting alternative to wire
  • Variety of size, weight and colors

For additional product information, specifications and pricing, contact our team. We’ll be glad to collaborate on your next crop and animal protection project.

Avinet. Poultry Protection.jpg

AVINET™ Poultry Protection

Our Avinet™ plastic mesh provides predator protection with maximum air circulation and breathability to keep poultry safe and healthy. Avinet™ plastic mesh is rustproof, temperature-resistant, chemically-inert, flexible, yet strong and can be tailored to meet specific performance requirements. Other materials used in poultry protection can clog or buildup with feathers, animal dandruff, and other particles which often become the source of disease. The open mesh of Avinet™ creates a breathable barrier that prevents clogging and helps the grower implement better control of the poultry operation. For detailed product information and minimum order quantities, please contact our team.
Deer Fence. protection.jpg

Deer Fence

Our strong, lightweight plastic deer fence is a long-lasting alternative to wire. Our fence is cost effective, rust-proof, temperature-resistant, chemically-inert, flexible, strong and tailored to match a wide range of specifications. We manufacture deer fence with UV stabilizers for durable, strong and easy to install configurations. In addition, we carry a versatile fence portfolio to protect trees, shrubs, orchards, vineyards and more. For detailed product information and minimum order quantities, please contact our team.
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Birdnet Crop Protection

Birdnet plastic mesh works as a deterring barrier to keep valuable harvests intact. It can be draped or suspended as a canopy or cover to protect crops. It is easy to use and removable by hand or with simple equipment designed for net installation. Furthermore, the thin strands allow sunlight to reach the crops while providing vital tensile strength to maintain integrity. For detailed product information and minimum order quantities, please contact our team.

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