Consumer Products Packaging

Strong, durable, and flexible netting to package consumer products and components.

About this market

From marbles and artificial decor to candy and toys, we help you store, ship and handle your products while keeping them intact. SWM offers a complete line of extruded, oriented and knitted netting to contain, protect and pack a diverse range of consumer products and components. Our netting portfolio is rust-proof, incinerable, temperature-resistant, chemically-inert, and tailored to specific requirements. SWM offers a complete line of netting designs that can be customized in a wide array of colors and performance requirements.


Packaging Applications

  • Bulk packaging
  • Toys
  • Soccer, tennis and all other sports balls
  • Watches and electronics
  • Diverse containers (skincare, hair care, cosmetics, etc.)
  • Cans


SWM's Package Netting Styles

  • Extruded – strong, yet lightweight designs to keep products safe. Its open mesh design allows products to breathe by promoting air circulation and reducing condensation.
  • Knitted – soft, stretchy mesh material with strong, flexible features to allow movement of parts.
  • Memory – fine strand count netting that has superior stretch and recovery functionalities and conforms well to irregular shapes.


Each package netting style is available in a range of standard pre-cut roll stock sizes and colors. We are also capable of creating special sizes, patterns and designs whenever needed. Contact our team today to develop your next consumer product packaging solution.



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