Our netting offers exceptional protection and outstanding display appeal.

About this market

SWM offers an excellent variety of case and shelf liners. Flexible, smooth, pliable, durable and easy to wash and reuse, our case and shelf liners provide an attractive, sanitary and efficient display base for produce, meats and other materials. We manufacture some off-the-shelf solutions; however, if you have specific product applications that may require further customization, our team has the expertise and skills to create truly unique products.

CaseLiner N0582-001.jpg

Standard Case Liner

Offers an attractive maintenance-free display that traps debris and can be easily washed and reused. Special resin blends provide gripping properties for inclined display cases and promote air circulation, reducing mold growth.
Cushion Case Liner.jpg

Cushion Case Liner

While offering the same properties as our standard case liner, our cushion liner has less open area for better case coverage and long-term use. Cushion case liner is softer, more pliable, and durable while providing more ventilation.
Freezer Liner.jpg

Freezer Liner

With excellent thermal stability, our freezer liner remains flexible to -75ºF without splitting or cracking. It is soft and pliable while reducing freezer damage by capturing debris that may clog drainage systems.
Standard Grip Liner NGLINER0588BK.jpg

Standard Grip Liner

Soft, bubble-foam construction provides cushioning and protection that won’t leave marks on soft produce. It also has a dry yet tacky surface that enables slanted displays without slippage of liner or product.
Air Grip Liner.jpg

Air Grip Liner

While offering the same properties as the standard grip liner, air grip liner has thicker construction for long-term use and is easy to position and remove for clean-up.

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