Meat, Poultry, and Shellfish Mesh

We provide an extensive packaging portfolio for superb containment, protection and display solutions.

About this market

SWM manufactures extruded and knitted netting to contain and protect specialty meat, poultry and shellfish. It can be used in packaging, marinating and cooking applications. Our extruded netting portfolio provides excellent tensile strength and durability while our knitted netting offers a softer and more flexible overwrap option.

Although we have an off-the-shelf portfolio, SWM can customize netting configurations to meet different performance requirements. Our team has extensive experience customizing plastic poultry netting configurations to meet our customers’ needs.


For further product information and detailed minimum order quantities for meat, poultry and shellfish mesh netting, please contact our team.


Smoking Nets

SWM knitted netting is ideal for smoking, hanging or decorative purposes. From diamond patterns to hexagonal or honeycomb designs, SWM is able to manufacture a wide range of smoking netting alternatives. Producers, packers and consumers prefer our plastic netting because it provides exceptional protection and leaves an appealing smoke pattern when removed. Our knitted netting will not embed and can be easily stripped off without removing valuable meat product.

Marination Netting

SWM extruded netting is designed for marinating applications. It allows the processing operation to marinate, drain, wash and ship the meat using one single bag. Our netting is made of resins certified by USDA/FDA standards and is suitable for stitch injection or tumble marination processes. We offer netting configurations as heat-sealed bags for individual packaging or rolls for automated packing.


SWM manufactures extruded and knitted netting overwraps. Our netting overwraps provide a safe and easy method for consumers to carry heavy packages. They help protect meat, film wraps and labels, and reduce the cost and hassle of re-packaging. Overwraps enhance product display appeal and offer a variety of closure options: loops, loop & tagged, heat sealed or clipped. Whether you choose extruded netting with excellent strength and durability or knitted netting with softer, flexible configurations, SWM has the packaging solution for your operation.

Shellfish Specialty Bags

SWM manufactures extruded and knitted netting for shellfish packaging and containment applications. Since our netting configurations have an open mesh design, it is easy to create retail visibility for your seafood products. Our netting designs help producers, distributors and wholesalers display their seafood products while enhancing visual presentation, convenience, traceability, durability, flexibility and affordability compared to other packaging alternatives. Our netting is made of resins certified by USDA/FDA standards and is suitable for packaging and steaming seafood.

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