Pallet Netting

In the warehouse or at the loading dock, SWM helps organize and protect your most valuable products.

About this market

SWM manufactures a wide variety of pallet netting solutions that help manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers and retailers store, ship and deliver valuable merchandise. Using our portfolio of pallet wraps and product stabilization netting, even the toughest, most unstable and irregular load can be contained safely and securely for easy handling and efficient inventory. Our portfolio may reduce packaging cost because it uses fewer wraps per pallet and delivers stronger pallet stabilization, load conformity, and breathability.


Tensionet® 1 - Heavy Duty Pallet Wrap

Tensionet® 1 —Heavy Duty Pallet Wrap is designed for the toughest and most unstable loads. Its superior strength and unique integral joints make this wrap ideal for wooden containers and heavy loads up to 1800 lbs.

Tensionet® 2 - Standard Pallet Wrap

Tensionet® 2 — Standard Pallet Wrap is cost-efficient yet durable. This is our most economical net and can tackle cardboard containers and loads up to 1200 lbs.

Tensionet® 3 - Medium Duty Pallet Wrap

Tensionet® 3 - Medium Duty Pallet Wrap is a perfect solution for combination loads that have both tough wooden containers and easier to wrap cardboard containers. Tensionet Medium Duty Pallet Wrap is our middle grade pallet wrap.

Stretchnet® Pallet Wrap

Stretchnet® Pallet Wrap complements irregular loads and loads that need total coverage. With built-in memory, Stretchnet will fit loads perfectly without continued stretching or breakage after application. Its open mesh design offers breathability and flexibility to minimize product damage.

SnakeWrap™ Pallet Stabilization

SnakeWrap™ netting contains and stabilizes sleeved, tubular or irregular shaped products when they are stacked on a pallet. As cylinders of product are stacked, SnakeWrap is woven between layers allowing for increased pallet stability. Its open mesh design allows the palletized product to breathe and its superior tensile strength configuration assures safe storage, shipping and handling of products and materials.

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