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About this market

In order to grab consumers’ attention, producers, packers and retailers understand the need to differentiate their packaging selection with exceptional design and functionality. Vexar® produce bags are made from soft, flexible diamond mesh that can gently conform around delicate produce and is strong enough to contain and protect different loads. Furthermore, the open mesh design of our produce bags provides superior breathability and visibility to the contents in the produce bag.


SWM Netting Styles for Produce Packaging

  • Extruded – strong, yet lightweight designs to keep products safe. Its open mesh design allows products to breathe by promoting air circulation and reducing condensation.
  • Knitted – soft, stretchy mesh material with strong, flexible features to allow movement of parts.
  • Memory – fine strand count netting that has superior stretch and recovery functionalities and conforms well to irregular shapes.
  • Multinet™ – multilayer reinforcement netting, is a netting configuration formed by multiple layers of oriented netting laying one on top of another creating a strong but lightweight mesh compatible with different substrates. It is an ideal alternative to other reinforcement materials such as cross laminated fabrics, cross laid scrims, knitted scrims, etc.

Each netting style is available in a range of standard pre-cut roll stock sizes and colors. We are also capable of creating special sizes, patterns and designs whenever needed.


For additional product information, minimum order quantities or product development projects, please contact our team.

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Header Bags

Vexar® Header Bags are an exceptional option for retail packaging of produce, meats and seafood products. They are called header bags because they have printed paperboard graphics for high visibility merchandising. They are an excellent way to communicate with the consumer while allowing them to touch, see and smell the wrapped product. SWM header bags maintain a tighter, more attractive, cylinder shape when loaded, even in slanted displays. Our header bags are easy to load, can be closed with nearly any closure and are available in a variety of shapes to accommodate automated or hand loading. In addition to generic labels, SWM also offers customized header labels.

Heat Sealed Bags

Vexar® Heat Sealed Bags are produce bags heatsealed on one end. Our Heat Sealed Bags are shipped with a loading tube for easy handling. These bags are also suitable for steaming or smoking seafood, meat and poultry because the heat seal can withstand high temperatures.
Wicketting - Grapes.jpg

Wicketed Bags

Vexar® Wicketed Bags are stacked and held together on a metal wicket that acts as a dispenser. There is a lip where two holes are punched, enabling the wicket to hold the bags. Wicketed bags are typically used for high-speed loading applications. Our wicketed bags are designed for easier and faster handling. Their fine netting strand count helps reduce produce debris and keeps retail displays cleaner. Wicketed bags are ideal for packing grapes, cherries, limes, plums, tomatoes and other small-to-medium sized produce.
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Knitted Bags

SWM produces Vexar® Knitted Bags, using diverse resins and additives to meet our customers’ strict performance requirements. Our engineering team can design the most suitable netting configuration for your specific application, whether it is polyethylene, polypropylene or polyester. Knitted bags give packages a premium look while trapping debris and keeping produce displays clean and attractive.

Carry Bag Mesh

Vexar® Carry Bag Mesh provides performance, protection and affordability for your fresh produce packaging needs. It features flattened joints to reduce abrasion and prevent damage to users’ skin and it has reliable and consistent performance on various carry-bag equipment.

Flat Roll Stock

Flat Roll Stock offers a great alternative to incorporate SWM netting in your operation, using your preferred in-house packing method. All of our netting for knitted and carry mesh bags is designed to fit Form, Fill & Seal equipment and can be converted into a flat roll stock for your use on any type of machine.
Rope Netting. Conwed Packaging.jpg

Rope Netting

SWM Rope Netting is available in multi-strand netting configurations for fragile or soft-skinned produce. SWM produces extruded mesh rope netting with superior breathability to minimize moisture damage in produce packaging. It promotes air circulation and helps reduce condensation, consequently, extending shelf life.

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