Innovation is the "name of the game" in manufacturing advanced materials for today's electronic devices.


Innovation is the "name of the game" in manufacturing advanced materials for today's electronic devices.

About SWM Materials for Electronics

With manufacturing sites in Asia, Europe and North America, our worldwide service, supply chain and research and development teams, no one is better placed than SWM, Scapa Industrial or Tekra to partner with global electronics customers.


SWM materials can add value to electronics such as:

  • Laptops
  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • Televisions
  • Sensors
  • Membrane Switches

Argotec Surface Protection and Antimicrobial Films are an ideal solution for the highest quality, custom-engineered, precision-extruded thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) film and sheet. From premium polyurethane graphic print media and overlaminate film to strong, flexible extruded TPU film and co-polyester waterproof breathable films, SWM is a leading manufacturer of PU film products. Argotec Antimicrobial film is designed for use on a variety of shared surfaces that may regularly be in contact by multiple users.


At SWM, we have strong partnerships with many of the world’s top tier electronics, original equipment manufacturers and component suppliers. We provide them with a broad portfolio of Scapa Industrial technical self-adhesive systems that can be used in the manufacture and assembly of consumer electronics, telecommunication devices and medical diagnostic/monitoring equipment.


Learn more at the Scapa Industrial website.


Innovation is the "Name of the Game" in flexible electronics. Many industries -- from autos and appliances to electronics and medical equipment -- are using flexible electronics, flex circuits and printed electronics in their future forward products. Tekra Film delivers components that are playing an integral role in meeting the technical needs of flexible electronic designs, which opens up our customer's ability to make products that are thinner, lighter, faster and broader in market appeal. It's a win-win proposition.

By offering high quality, durable, flexible substrates, along with adhesives and inks receptive to printing and forming into functional devices, Tekra has earned its position as a conduit of innovation. Electronics, automotive seat heaters, sensors, and membrane switches are just a small sampling of products and applications thriving by incorporating Tekra materials.


Learn more at the Tekra website.


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