Energy Storage Paper

For decades, our separator papers have been found in some of the world's top brands of alkaline batteries. Today, we continue to lead in alkaline and beyond!

About this market

When it comes to energy storage papers, our trusted battery separator paper is a proven and vital component for industry-leading battery manufacturers around the world. Our paper is found in some of the world's top brands of alkaline batteries.


Market Needs:
As the energy market evolves, so do our product development efforts. From alkaline batteries to super capacitor energy storage solutions, we focus on high-quality, reliable products that deliver value to our customers.


Product Requirements:
Battery separators create a physical barrier between the positive and negative electrodes to prevent short-circuits between active battery components. As ionic conductivity is essential for the battery performance, separators require a tightly controlled porous structure with strong mechanical strength to withstand high-speed battery manufacturing.


Our Solutions:
We meet customer’s exact commercial and technical needs, with a comprehensive portfolio, including over 30 different separator grades in a large variety of slit widths from 8,9 mm to 1044mm. Today, our portfolio extends beyond alkaline batteries, as we continue to look at further product development options.


Continuous Innovation:
Our product range is continuously upgraded as we adapt fibers, thickness, pore size of our materials for optimal battery performance.


To view our energy storage paper capabilities, please watch our brief video below.




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