Wind Energy

Our products provide containment, protection, separation, and channeling functionalities to the energy industry.

About this market

Customers worldwide look to SWM for engineered energy solutions. We supply high-performance material solutions but also help solve the challenges of the modern world. Unlike other suppliers, we have the expertise, capability and willingness to create fiber and resin-based materials to meet your specific wind energy application requirements.


SWM Naltex® resin distribution netting is an excellent flow media for advanced composite fabrication technologies, including resin infusion and transfer molding processes. The biplanar design of this mesh provides consistent channels that can increase flow rates while evenly distributing resin over simple and complex surfaces.


ArgoGuard® film provides strong edge protection to protect surfaces from exposure to extreme conditions. When installed on the leading edge of wind turbine blades, this durable thermoplastic polyurethane surface protection film prevents damage caused by environmental elements that compromise performance and reduce energy production resulting in costly repair.


Longer life and reduced cost

ArgoGuard® leading edge protection films prevent damage to maintain turbine efficiency and extend the useful life of the blade. Cost is reduced by decreasing downtime and maintenance.

Diamond Netting Composite Flow Media

Extruded netting provides separation, channeling and flow control in wind energy applications to achieve superior composite parts that are lightweight but super strong.

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