Filtrexx Technologies

Explore Filtrexx Sediment Control and Stormwater Products and Services!

Filtrexx Technologies

Explore Filtrexx Sediment Control and Stormwater Products and Services!

About Filtrexx Technologies

Solutions to Safeguard any Site and Budget - Explore Filtrexx Sediment Control and Stormwater Products and Services!


Filtrexx Products

We have an extensive line of products for sediment & erosion control, stormwater management, pollutant removal and living walls applications. Learn more at the Filtrexx Website.


After years of continual research and development, Filtrexx technology includes a variety of products for construction and post-construction applications. Our sustainable solutions, built around our proprietary Filtrexx SiltSoxx® technology, are used in diverse applications such as erosion & sediment control, construction site barriers, stormwater management, pollutant removal, low impact development, green infrastructure, and living walls.


Filtrexx creates reliable and sustainable products for industries such as oil & natural gas, highway and road construction, government and municipal projects, land and building development (commercial and residential), utilities projects, landfill construction & maintenance, manufacturing (pollution control), metals manufacturers and scrap yards and general environmental remediation.


Installation Services

Erosion & sediment control is a necessity – that’s why the largest names in energy and construction ensure they are properly protected with Filtrexx Installation Services. Filtrexx Installation Services are available in the Northeast Region, and now expanding into the Southeast Region – contact us for availability to work together on your next project or to request an estimate.



Filtrexx is the leader in Sustainable BMPs for use in erosion and sediment control, stormwater management, pollutant removal, and low impact development to protect our soil, water and environment. Depending on the final application, we can recommend different Filtrexx® products that alone, or in combination with other systems, can achieve the performance engineers, builders, architects and designers demand. We usually classify our Filtrexx applications in the following categories:

  • Sediment Control
  • Pollutant Removal
  • Stormwater Management
  • Walls & Slopes

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