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About this market

Manufacturers in the furniture industry rely on SWM materials to improve the structure and performance of their products. From insulators, back liners, and dust covers to cushion wraps, skirt liners, and other furniture applications, our portfolio provides essential separation, containment and reinforcement functionalities.


The most common application used by furniture manufacturers is the reinforcement of diverse textiles, fibers and fabrics. Our products can be used independently or they can be incorporated to other substrates such as film, nonwovens, papers, and foam to create high-performing composites. Whether you require adhesive features or low-melt properties, there are many ways to incorporate our products in other production processes to create lightweight yet strong composites.


SWM netting can be used as a separation or barrier element in furniture applications. The holes in our netting configurations allow for superior breathability over other materials such as plastic films. Also, compared to other similar components, our materials are lightweight, non-corrosive, rust-proof, stretch-resistant, chemically inert and compatible with other materials.


Our engineering and R&D teams solve product development challenges for our customers and we specialize in customizing our products to meet strict specifications and performance targets. If you have a product development project in mind, please contact our team.

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