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About this market

Wipes manufacturers want to provide features such as ease-of-use, disposability, portability and low risk of cross contamination while keeping low weight and cost-efficient configurations. These products can be wet or dry and may be impregnated with ingredients for specific purposes, such as antimicrobial, cleaning, or removing bacteria.

Industrial wipes are disposable products used for a variety of applications, including medical wipes, automotive wipes, food service wipes and general industrial wipes. In consumer applications, wipes are often configured to be lightly rugged for no-scratch cleaning of delicate surfaces such as glass, plastic, fine china, non-stick cookware and more. Wipes can also combine soft and smooth properties to facilitate usage by consumers.

SWM provides netting components used in the manufacturing of industrial and consumer wipes. Our material provides a wide-range of features and functionality in an ever expanding market segment. We can tailor the physical properties of our materials to meet specific end-use performance requirements.

Our plastic netting materials act as the reinforcement and bonding element between two or more layers of substrates. Instead of using a standard adhesive application step to bond their substrates, our coextrusion technology allows the manufacturer to use thermal lamination in their production process. By incorporating our netting to composites made with nonwoven, paper, tissue and other fabrics, manufacturers can attain strict strength requirements without sacrificing performance or weight targets.

Learn about our customization, netting configurations, capabilities and core products and be introduced to our manufacturing processes in our Introduction to Plastic Netting section.


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Consumer Wipe Applications

Baby; Facial; Cleaning; Antibacterial; Cosmetic; Personal Hygiene
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Industrial Wipe Applications

Automotive; Manufacturing; Cleaning and Maintenance; Janitorial; Cleanroom; Food Industry; Electronic; Engineering

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