Paver Protection

Pavenet™, Paver Saver helps you protect your valuable pavers.

Paver Protection

Pavenet™, Paver Saver helps you protect your valuable pavers.

About this market

Safeguard your valuable paving, concrete, and architectural blocks with superior protection and breathability between layers.

SWM offers a unique netting portfolio to help the paving and architectural block industry safeguard and protect the luxury and appeal of their designs. PAVENET™ Paver Saver is an efficient and secure netting method to pile, package, and transport paving blocks and bricks.  Manufacturers and distributors can preserve the shape and surface of their products by adding PAVENET™ paver protection between layers. It is a superior alternative to other protective materials such as foam, plastic film, wraps, and corrugated cardboard.


Paver Saver Key Benefits:



  • Humidity may infiltrate pallets and water can permanently stain or affect the color and texture of the bricks.
  • Other layer materials offer no escape to humidity due to its low to zero breathability and prevent moisture from evaporating.
  • It has a unique web structure that allows air to break through the brick pallet and helps keeping the paving blocks dry.


Abrasion Protection & Separation

  • It offers a strong and reliable structure with superior abrasion resistance and reinforcement.
  • Different netting configurations, square or diamond, provide a wide range of characteristics that fit the paving blocks’ designs and shapes.
  • The web design provides the right separation needed in pallets to allow minimal but necessary movement and flexibility.


Convenient Paver Protection

  • Whether in roll or sheet format, it is easy and safe to use.
  • It is a relatively lightweight netting layer that provides a superior shield for bricks while guaranteeing a safe handling during the pallet packaging and wrapping process.


For additional product information, specifications, and pricing about our paver saver solutions, please contact our team. We’ll be glad to collaborate on your next paver protection application.

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