Wound Care

SWM composites, gels and films are utilized in many wound care applications.

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About this market

Our long experience in developing and producing polyurethane (PU) films from a range of different resins and additives allows us to offer a wide array of breathable substrates perfectly suitable for professional wound care dressings and premium consumer or first aid dressings. Since the nature of our polyurethane films allows water vapor to transfer through while preventing liquids from passing through, they are the best choice for the manufacturing of dressing compositions or dressings used for the treatment of acute and chronic wounds. They allow the products to breathe, which will prevent wound maceration or adhesive failure and enhance wear-time. Our films are 100% waterproof and since there is no need to perforate our breathable films, they remain a complete barrier to bacteria. We also have switchable films that can change their moisture transfer depending on the presence of water. In a dry environment, they have a low moisture transfer rate and in a wet environment, the film will wick away the moisture at a higher rate. Our films are solvent free and supported by a paper or film carrier to facilitate processing with adhesive coating or printing and/or conversion.

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