Nose to tail & window to wing, SWM is a leading supplier of advanced materials for the aerospace industry.


Nose to tail & window to wing, SWM is a leading supplier of advanced materials for the aerospace industry.

About Advanced Materials for Aerospace

SWM offers advanced materials for containment, protection, separation, reinforcement, stretch, lamination, grip, support, packaging, technology, and sustainability for the aerospace market. Our broad product range for the aerospace industry, highlighted below, features unique products that can reduce costs without sacrificing efficiency or performance. Talk to our qualified sales representative to learn more about how we can assist with your next project.



Our family of Naltex infusion flow media serves the vital function of conforming smoothly to the mold surface and facilitating the flow of resin throughout the entire part. The tight, low profile, crisscross pattern of the media provides the necessary separation and channeling required to distribute a controlled, predictable flow of resin across the laminate efficiently and with little waste


SWM extrudes the highest quality, most dependable thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) and co-polyester waterproof breathable films for the aerospace industry. The versatile and durable Argotec TPU-based films and sheet are used for bonding fabric, waterproofing, and air or liquid containment applications. SWM offers a full line of high-performance thermoplastic polyurethane breathable and waterproof films for just about any textile lamination application.


Argotec EVA Interlayer Film is custom engineered from copolymer resin and is used as an interlayer sandwiched between two pieces of glass or plastic sheet. Our diverse interlayer film product line is custom engineered to offer precision extrusions for a variety of aerospace glass lamination applications. Offering glass lamination film and sheet with unmatched optical clarity, lay flat and overall quality SWM is the leading manufacturer of extruded thermoplastic polyurethane optical interlayer films around the world. Manufactured to satisfy the highest quality and safety standards required of the aerospace industry, thermoplastic polyurethane TPU-bonded aircraft canopies and windows are laminated with our optical interlayer films. Used to protect, preserve and prolong the life of aircraft advertising and decorative graphics subject to harsh conditions, our Argotec Graphic Film outperforms PVC for vehicle wraps and fleet graphics. Film coaters appreciate the clear, conformable and durable nature of our Argotec Graphic Film.


SWM materials play a critical role in the performance of liquid filters. Our Naltex Diamond Netting and Delnet Apertured Film provide the filter's internal pleat support and lamination layer. Our high efficiency Delpore Meltblown Media provide the last line of defense in protecting critical engine components. SWM also manufactures extruded netting and meltblown media specially developed for use in ground support vehicles, aircraft cabin filtration and lubrication filtration. Our Delpore nonwoven media include electrostatic, thermal bond, and meltblown, which can be combined to form our Delstar Engineered Composites for air filtration. Our nonwovens are easy to pleat and laminate well to other materials, allowing for precise uniformity and breathability for applications with strict requirements. Supported by layers of Naltex Diamond Netting, these air filtration products are the workhorses that capture harmful air particulates.


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