Paint & Surface Protection

Durable, glossy and smooth paint and surface protection for harsh environments.

About this product

SWM is the leading supplier of advanced thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) paint and surface protection technology. Adhesive coaters, automotive engineers, appliance designers and electronic display manufacturers around the world look to SWM for high-performance surface protection films. SWM is the largest extruder of uncoated TPU paint protection films for the global automotive aftermarket.


SWM utilizes a proprietary thermoplastic polyurethane formulation to provide outstanding processability for pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) coaters. The films are highly flexible and offer optical clarity, excellent conformability to three-dimensional surfaces, UV resistance, and a Class-A gloss finish. These paint and surface protection films are made using exacting extrusion techniques to produce the flattest films in the industry.


SWM’s advanced surface protection technology, available in single- and multi-layer, is used to prevent scrapes, chipping, and other erosive damage to metal, glass, or paint. Used on a wide range of applications from wind turbine blades to mobile devices, the durable films provide excellent abrasion and impact resistance.


Surface Protection for Harsh Environments

Used to protect surfaces from damage caused by chemical, wear, and abrasion, ArgoGuard® paint- and surface protection technology extends life.

Engineered Surface Protection

SWM high-performance protective films provide durable, glossy, and smooth paint and surface protection for harsh environments.

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