Parts Protection

Flexible solutions for packaging, handling and processing applications.

About this market

As the ideal parts protection netting, SWM manufactures Vexar® extruded netting for all kinds of protection, containment and separation applications. From mechanical and auto parts to spring silencers, furniture and bathroom products, our netting portfolio is the ideal material to keep them intact. Most of our standard parts protection portfolio is handled by our distributors.

Available in a wide range of resins, colors, thicknesses, pre-cut sizes and bulk roll stocks, Vexar® parts protection netting sleeves are an ideal alternative to safeguard your most valuable products.


 Applications of VEXAR® Parts Protection Netting & Sleeves

  • Parts separator
  • Cylinder protection
  • Bulk packaging protection
  • Electroplating bundling
  • Furniture protection
  • AN-OX Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor (V.C.I.) netting
  • Pipe protection
  • Wine and liquor bottle protection
  • Nylon separation grids
  • Metal parts protection
  • Spring silencers


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