Botanical Fibers

Discover how our botanical fibers can transform your paper and cardboard products, naturally.

About this product

We produce botanical fibers to use as the pulp component for specialty and sensory paper materials. Our fibers are made of plant by-products, such as cocoa shells, spent tea leaves, coffee chaffs and beer grain. Through our LeafLAB, we produce botanical fibers that are ideal for specialty paper and cardboard manufacturers who want something 'out of the box' to make their products stand out while showcasing the plant's look and feel.


Benefits of Botanical Fibers

  • Botanical Sensory Appeal: Distinctive colors, textured and visual appeal.
  • Natural Purity: Unbleached, with no chemical treatment.
  • "Circular Economy": Made of plant by-products.

Our team can work with a range of botanicals, a couple of our specialties are below:

  • Cocoa Fibers: Cocoa fibers, made from recycled cocoa shells, can be used to create a new range of papers, cardboards or molded pulp applications.
  • Tea Fibers: Our unique tea fibers can elevate your product with its natural sensory look and feel, and perceived health benefits.
  • Food and Medicinal Plants and Flowers: Each of these plant types can be reconstituted to produce papers that capture, hold and release their unique natural essence.

We are also happy to work with customers on specific botanicals of choice to create materials with preferred botanical fibers. 


For more information on the botanical expertise, visit our LeafLAB website.



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