FlaxBed™ Horse Bedding

FlaxBed™ Premium Horse Bedding supports a healthier living environment for horses, all while keeping stall maintenance at a minimum.

FlaxBed™ Horse Bedding

FlaxBed™ Premium Horse Bedding supports a healthier living environment for horses, all while keeping stall maintenance at a minimum.

FlaxBed™ Premium Horse Bedding


FlaxBed™ Premium Horse Bedding is a level up from conventional horse bedding pellets. FlaxBed horse bedding supports a healthier living environment for horses while requiring minimal stall maintenance. As a 100% natural, compostable, non-combustible equine bedding solution, FlaxBed horse bedding provides dust-free odor reduction capabilities and offers a highly comfortable pillow-type feel for horse stalls.

How FlaxBed™ Premium Horse Bedding Was Born 

  • Flax is an annual plant. When densely planted for fiber, plants average 3 to 4 feet high with slender stalks and branches concentrated at the top of the plant. Flowers bloom from the stems of the branch's tips with five blue, white, or pink petals.
  • Once the stems begin to brown, the plant is then harvested and bailed. It is then taken into storage until the decortication begins in which the stalks are processed to become tow and shives and, eventually, the FlaxBed horse bedding product.
  • Our flax fiber is extracted to produce the paper used in cigarettes and plastic composite products. The shive, or non-fiber part of the stem, is extracted for biofuel, animal and equine bedding, and mulch.

 FlaxBed Premium Horse Bedding Benefits 

  • FlaxBed™ horse bedding offers a non-allergenic and completely dust-free softer cushion for standing and laying down positions. FlaxBed horse bedding is five times more absorbent than wood, and ten times more absorbent than straw, providing a drier surface for your horses as well as a much softer bedding surface.
  • FlaxBed horse bedding eliminates more ammonia odor than pine pellets or straw, and FlaxBed horse bedding lasts longer, which reduces material costs and labor. The absorbency of FlaxBed horse bedding separates the bedding layers; because the top layer remains soft and dry, FlaxBed horse bedding is cost-efficient and saves time. You can use up to 70% less FlaxBed horse bedding material compared to wood shavings or straw, and reduce the time needed to clean and maintain each stall.
  • FlaxBed horse bedding is a 100% natural and  renewable resource. When composting, FlaxBed horse bedding crumbles break down quickly and add nitrogen back into the soil.

FlaxBed Premium Horse Bedding Key Facts and Features

FlaxBed horse bedding is one of the safest and most absorbent beddings available today. Benefits of this 100% natural product include:



  • One of a kind, all-natural fiber made from flax stalks
  • Best-in-market absorption properties designed with long-term cost-efficiency
    • 5 TIMES more absorptive than wood shavings
    • 10 TIMES more absorptive than straw

Extreme Comfort

  • All-natural material creates pillow-type softness

Easier Stall Maintenance

    • Superior absorption quantities and odor eating ability
    • Reduces stall odor through moisture-locking and containment, including the ammonia scent of urine
    • Less is more; easy to spread, easy to clean
    • Creates a comfortable surface for a horse to lay on more frequently
    • Minimal- to no-dust-related issues to promote easy breathing

All Natural and Compostable

  • Fully compostable, naturally biodegradable, non-toxic product that promotes soil fertility and plant growth


  • NFPA ratings (scale 0 - 4) Fire = 0
  • HMIS-ratings (scale 0 - 4) Fire = 0
  • Flammability (solid, gaseous): Product is not flammable


Added Comments from Our Customers:

  • “I have personally tested this myself and when the stalls are being cleaned and you are shoveling out the manure it comes with a little more product compared to sawdust but overall the stalls are cleaner and there is no trace of ammonia with FlaxBed. I like FlaxBed much better than sawdust or wood shavings because it has much better absorption and the horses like it as they lay down on it.” - German 


  • “Very impressed. Dust was minimal and fell to the ground quickly. Would prefer a 40 lb. bag versus the 25 lb. Excellent absorbency compared to wood shavings and changing bedding less frequently. Mucking out the clumps and then topping up the bedding makes for less work and bedding to replace. Would prefer a lighter color but the absorbency makes up for it. Overall a 4+ out of 5 rating.” - Gail 


  •  “I like the product as it is easy to work with and much better than straw. The minimal dust settles quickly. Superb absorbency. We also use it with young chicks, they had better mobility in FlaxBed.” - Jeff

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