Medical Films

SWM films offer comfort and breathability to users.

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About this product

SWM manufactures industry leading materials for the medical industry. The comprehensive portfolio of films includes thermoplastic polyurethane and polyurethane films produced from a wide range of resins and additives to optimize the qualities these high-performance films can offer.


SWM medical grade films are used for liquid and viral barriers, wound dressings, transdermal components, and waterproof-breathable medical textiles. Films used in laminate composite solutions are used for applications ranging from blood filtration to advanced surgical wound care.


Recognized for consistency and reliability, SWM medical grade films provide design flexibility for medical product designers, manufacturers, laminators and adhesive coaters who look to us for material solutions to meet the stringent performance requirements in the medical industry.


The physical structure and puncture resistance of the films allow them to act as both liquid and viral barriers, shielding patients and staff from potentially harmful blood-borne pathogens. Important for use in hospitals, no plasticizers are used to mitigate or cause allergic reactions and the films can withstand autoclave sterilization temperatures and remain soft and flexible over time for extended shelf life. The materials' inherent softness, breathability, and conformability allow them to stretch and recover for patient comfort.


The films' ease of fabrication allows for cost-efficient adhesion and slitting, resulting in reduced net cost. To provide added design flexibility, SWM offers carrier options for ease of handling very thin film or to achieve the best fit for the end-product and customer’s process.

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