Naltex® Extruded Netting

Naltex® Extruded Netting

About this product

For 70 years Naltex® Extruded Netting, our premier Diamond Net, has delivered high-performance results in environments needing filtration, separation, and protection.


The biplanar configuration of Naltex® Extruded Netting allows excellent flow as feed water spacers in Reverse Osmosis Applications.  Specific strand alignment achieves the turbulence needed to protect and maintain the systems membranes.  In addition to Reverse Osmosis (RO) applications, Naltex can be used in many industrial applications including bags and racks for food processing and plastic mesh for protection and packaging applications.  It’s also an ideal composite flow media for resin distribution in applications like wind turbine blade manufacturing. 


Naltex® diamond mesh continues to evolve as SWM engineers improve the process of extruding through counter-rotating die heads. Over the years we've introduced nets with new resins, varied strand count and cross section, and a range of strand angles, offering customers different looks, feels, strengths and additional functionality. We custom-develop extruded netting to meet your specific industrial performance requirements for demanding applications in the healthcare, filtration and industrial markets. 


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WE LOVE IDEAS.  Every customer has specific requirements, so if you’re a start-up or just looking for new solutions CONTACT US.  Our dedicated sales team and skilled engineers will work with you to develop results. 


Scuba/Cylinder/Hail Guard

Our line of protective guard sleeving is designed to protect pressure cylinders and HVAC units from harmful conditions. Our product’s open mesh design effectively reduces dings and abrasion without covering important identification labels.


Duronet® Mesh meets a universal range of application needs. The lightweight plastic mesh is available in eight diamond mesh configurations, ranging from 1/16 to 1-3/4 inches. It has an extruded construction that possesses unmatched strength and durability. Duronet mesh is non-toxic and UV-stabilized, and it will not conduct electricity or corrode, even after extensive exposure to sunlight, heat, moisture or chemicals.


The unique design of our premium Smokehouse™ Netting reduces sticking and is perfect for smoking meats, delicate seafood products, and even pet treats! Unlike Teflon trays, Smokehouse is 100% non-stick, so you will not lose money on wasted product. Just use it, wash it, re-use and throw away! Smokehouse Netting is frequently used for lining trays to smoke beef jerky. The open mesh allows for even air circulation which is extremely important for even cooking of the meat.
UHP Feed Spacers.jpg

Ultra High Porosity™ feed spacers

SWM manufactures a full line of Ultra High Porosity™ feed spacers especially designed for Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis (BWRO) systems. Typical performance can deliver up to 15% reduction in pressure drop compared to other lower porosity feed spacers.
RO Feed Spacers.jpg

Alternating Strand Design™ feed spacers

SWM is the leading feed spacer developer in the world. Among our latest innovations, Alternating Strand Design feed spacers are used in Seawater Reverse Osmosis (SWRO) systems.

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