Apertured Film

Our apertured film is an ideal material for medical, filtration, and industrial applications.

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About this product

Our Delnet® apertured film provides purity, high-strength, and non-stick properties for critical applications.         

SWM manufactures geometric apertured films under the Delnet® brand. Delnet apertured films and bags, have a mesh-type configuration, made from a unique extrusion, embossing, and orientation process. By varying the process parameters, an infinite variety of configurations can be created to meet our customers’ requirements.  Tensile strength, product weight, chemical formulation, hole size, and geometry, are some of the features that can be customized to meet your application and market requirements.

The Delnet line of apertured films can also be co-extruded to serve as adhesive bonding layers.  Delnet is used for cost-effective tack bonding, laminating, a combination of tack bonding and laminating, or surface modification.

For example, our apertured film can provide a non-adheant layer for wound pads, a flexible surface layer for medical face masks or an outer dust release layer in air filtration applications.  From cheese production and fabric bonding to pollination and gardening applications, SWM apertured films can be used alone or in composite form laminated to different substrates.

We understand that every customer has specific film requirements, so whether you are improving an old product or developing something completely new, contact our team and let us collaborate on your next product development project.  

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Apertured Films for Medical Applications

In combination with our engineered composites, Delnet apertured films can be found in finger bandages, surgical gowns, drapes, and masks, teeth whitening strips, hydrogel scrims, nasal strip support materials, and electrode support products.

Apertured Films For Filtration Applications

Our Delnet apertured films provide support across several air and liquid filtration applications such as microelectronics, dust release layers, and cartridge pleated filter support products. They typically help support and separate delicate media, while offering controlled porosity that enhances even, turbulent flow in tight pleat packs while improving filter efficiency.

Apertured Films For Industrial Applications

Delnet apertured films are extremely thin and lightweight. They are an ideal material for food processing, packaging, and textile applications. From citrus packaging, boil-in-bag mesh, and cheese processing net, to outdoor products such as seed hibernation, root and pollination bags, apparel reinforcement, and fabric bonding, Delnet apertured films offer a wide range of pore sizes and patterns for diverse performance requirements.

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