Co-extrusion Netting

Explore our proprietary netting technology to build superior composites.

About this product

Co-extrusion is a multi-layer extruded netting than can be subsequently oriented where different polymers can form different layers on the same netting configuration. Co-extrusion netting is a square netting construction and SWM has the ability to build netting with A/B, A/B/A, and A/B/C layer combinations.

Our customers thrive on the flexibility co-extrusion products provide in high-performance composites. Our co-extruded netting can be incorporated with nonwoven, foam, paper, film, membrane, tissue and other fabrics to become part of composites used in various industrial and consumer applications. By using co-extrusion netting with adhesive layers, manufacturers and converters may eliminate adhesive steps in their manufacturing and converting processes for specific product applications.

Extruded netting can be found in composites for automotive, apparel, cleaning, medical, building and construction, wipes, and other disposable industrial and consumer products.

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