We help you control and restrain all kinds of materials.

About this product

SWM's containment netting helps you prevent release of materials and safeguard your valuable assets.


SWM containment netting is an essential component for customers developing systems and products designed to prevent release of materials or to keep materials from spreading. Our netting portfolio provides strength, resistance, flexibility, drapeability, stretch and recovery as well as lightweight features to help our customers create innovative containment product applications.


Our engineering teams collaborate closely with our customers to develop the precise netting configuration for each product application. Contact us and let us collaborate on your next product development opportunity.



Containment 1 Hay Bale.jpg

Haybale Wrapping and Containment

Containment 2 Turf Sodnet.JPG

Turf Wrapping Solutions

Containment 3 Wattle.jpg

Sediment Retention Fiber Rolls (Wattles)

Containment 4 ECB.jpg

Erosion Control Blankets

Containment 5 Potted Plants.jpg

Potted Plants

Containment 6 Oil Booms.jpg

Oil Booms

Containment 7 Packaging.jpg

Packaging Solutions

Separation 8 Filtration Filters.jpg


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