Extruded Diamond Netting

Obtain superior protection and separation capabilities for your product design.

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About this product

Extruded diamond netting, also known as bi-planar netting, is extruded netting with a diamond-shape configuration. One major difference between square and diamond netting is that diamond netting has a set of strands on top of the others in opposite direction, and not on the same level as found on square netting.  The strands appear to run in diagonal in both Machine and Cross Directions to form the diamond mesh design.

In filtration products, extruded diamond netting is mainly used in cross-flowing applications for drainage and spacing. It provides consistent flow characteristics while allowing proper turbulence to clean membrane media surfaces. Our extruded diamond netting is also used in tightly-spaced pleat packs for superior pleat separation. We are able to customize mesh sizes, thickness, weight, tensile strength, color, angles and chemical formulations to meet our customers’ requirements. We understand that every project is different and we tailor our netting technology to create highly customized diamond netting configurations.

For detailed product information and specifications on our extruded diamond netting, please contact our team. We’ll be glad to collaborate on your next product development project.

Vexar Diamond Netting.JPG

VEXAR® Extruded Diamond Netting

Vexar® extruded diamond netting is commonly used for packaging and parts protection applications. The soft, flexible diamond mesh configurations can gently conform around delicate produce and parts, and is strong enough to contain and protect different loads.
PipeSaver Rockshield.jpg

PipeSaver™ Rockshield

PipeSaver™ Rockshield is a strong, durable, and flexible diamond netting created to withstand tough installation conditions in pipeline protection applications. This durable plastic mesh is wrapped around the pipe to protect against debris and rock damage during backfilling.
Pavenet Paver Saver 3.jpg

PaveNet™ Paver Saver

PaveNet™ Paver Saver, is an efficient and secure netting method to pile, package, and transport paving blocks and bricks. It is an ideal alternative to other protective materials such as foam, plastic film, wraps and corrugated cardboard.

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