Our netting helps you secure your most valuable objects and materials.

About this product

Grasp and hold your valuable materials and components with our netting safety features.


SWM offers a wide range of grip netting solutions — including PVC-free alternatives — for applications requiring the ability to grasp, hold, or secure different materials. This functionality can be added to your application to protect and hold items, create cushion for delicate articles, offer traction on surfaces to prevent slippage, and even increase safety levels in heavy-duty projects.


We have extensive experience developing unusual and unique grip netting designs used in grip applications.  From special joint heights that deliver uneven surfaces to special chemical formulations that create sticky features, your input is key to inspire the next product innovation.


Grip 1 Roof Underlayment.JPG

Roofing Underlayment

Grip 2 Building & Construction.jpg

Building and Construction Composites

Grip 3 Cushion Case Liners.JPG

Cushion Case Liners

Grip 4 Shelf Liners.jpg

Shelf Liners

Grip 5 Parts Separator.jpg

Parts Separator

Grip 6 Extruded Case Liners.jpg

Extruded Case Liners

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