Knitted Netting

Superior flexibility for containment and protection applications.

About the product

Knitted netting offers flexible and strong designs to contain and protect your most valuable products and materials.


SWM manufactures a robust portfolio of knitted netting configurations.  From produce, parts, and consumer products packaging, to erosion control, oil booms and Christmas tree wrapping, our engineering teams develop the preciseknitted netting configuration to meet your product requirements and achieve desired performance.


Our knitted netting technology produces a high-tenacity multi-filament that provides superior strength to our netting configurations. Contact our team for further product information and pricing, we’ll be glad to collaborate on your next product development project.

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Knitted Netting in Packaging Applications

SWM manufactures different knitted netting configurations for diverse packaging applications. Knitted netting is commonly used to contain produce and consumer products in bags. Producers, packers and retailers rely on SWM to differentiate their packaging selection with exceptional netting design and functionality.
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Knitted Netting in Erosion Control Application

SWM is the leading netting manufacturer for the erosion control industry. Knitted netting is used in sediment retention fiber rolls (SRFRs) — commonly known as wattles — to contain media that helps in sediment retention, stormwater management, and pollutant removal applications.

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