Create superior composites powered by SWM netting.

About this product

Our netting components help create some of the most diverse, flexible, and strong composites.

SWM designs netting configurations that enable lamination and bonding to many different materials and substrates.  Whether it is film, paper, foam, foil, nonwoven or any other fabric, our team can customize the precise chemical formulation to create the desired composite.  From industrial and consumer wipes, to hygiene, medical, cleaning and automotive products, our netting delivers diverse performance capabilities in composite form.


Our co-extrusion technology, for example, helps our customers design the most advanced, flexible and strong composites. Co-extrusion is a multi-layer extruded netting than can be subsequently oriented where different polymers can form different layers on the same netting configuration. It is a square netting construction and SWM has the ability to build netting with A/B, A/B/A, and A/B/C layer combinations.


Manufacturers, OEMs, and converters can create netting composites through extrusion coating, extrusion lamination, thermal lamination, ultrasonic welding, wet and dry adhesive lamination, and diverse nonwoven processes.  In many cases, incorporating netting helps reduce cost, weight, height, thickness, and overall size of products to save energy, material, and production process time.


Lamination 1 Cleaning Products.jpg

Cleaning Products

Lamination 2 Floor Covers.jpg

Floor Covers

Lamination 3 Rain Screens.JPG

Rain Screens

Lamination 4 Building Composites.JPG

Building and Construction Composites

Lamination 6 Nonwoven Composites.jpg

Nonwoven Composites

Lamination 7 Bubble wrap composites.JPG

Bubble Wrap Composites

lamination 8 Automotive Composites.JPG

Automotive Composites

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