Oriented Netting

SWM manufactures the leading lightweight oriented netting in the world.

About this product

SWM oriented netting is manufactured through a two-step process. First, a continuous extrusion process yields a plastic square net material with integral joints. Once the square netting has been created through extrusion, it can be reheated and stretched in either the machine direction (MD), cross direction (CD) or both directions in a process called orientation. Through orientation, SWM creates high-strength lightweight square and flat netting for applications requiring extremely lightweight oriented netting without sacrificing tensile strength performance.

In general, extruded square and flat netting may be oriented, depending on the final product requirements. For a detailed explanation of our manufacturing process of oriented netting, visit our Introduction to Plastic Netting section or contact our team for detailed product specifications and plastic netting customization capabilities.

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Oriented Netting in Erosion Control Applications

SWM is the market leader in oriented netting for the erosion control industry. Our oriented netting provides flexible containment and protection functionalities that keep erosion in check. From erosion control blankets and turf reinforcement mats to sediment retention fiber rolls, our netting is an essential component in their overall performance.
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Oriented Netting in Hay Bale Applications

Farmers around the globe rely on SWM oriented netting to wrap and contain hay and forage. Our hay bale netting is designed to quickly and tightly wrap hay and forage into a bale. SWM oriented netting wraps around the hay as it is being bundled, and cinches it, creating a secure, tight bale that facilitates storage and transportation.
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Oriented Netting in Turf Application

SWM is a market leader in oriented netting for turf applications. SodNet® is a special netting configuration designed to help grass seedlings germinate and grow in a uniformly strong structure.; while SodWrap® is an exceptional netting design for wrapping large turf rolls.
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Oriented Netting in Carpet Cushion Applications

PadMate™ oriented netting is laminated to the recycled urethane foam to reinforce and stabilize carpet cushion products. All SWM oriented netting is non-corrosive, rustproof, and mildew-resistant. It is unaffected by water, most acids, gases, chemicals, and organic materials.
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Oriented Netting in Building & Constructions

SWM oriented netting can be found in dozens of building and construction applications — exterior and interior. For example, insulation netting is commonly used to hold insulation in place, inside a home or building. Insulation can be installed or blown in, and contained securely in place by tacking SWM netting to structure studs, or under floor joists.
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Oriented Netting in Composites Applications

SWM oriented netting can be used to reinforce, laminate, and bond different types of substrates such as film, foil, foam, nonwoven, paper, etc. Our netting configurations help create some of the most diverse, flexible, and strong composites for hundreds of industrial and consumer products.

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