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SWM helps you wrap, contain and protect your most valuable products and materials.

SWM offers one of the most extensive packaging portfolios in the world.  From lightweight extruded and knitted netting to distinctive customized products, we manufacture exceptional packaging solutions for your application.   Our netting is a great material to keep your valuable assets intact, whether you need to contain, protect, or transport all kinds of materials and components. Our packaging portfolio enables packers, wholesalers, and retailers to safeguard their products and provides superior display appeal to build their consumer brands.


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Netting Capabilities Packaging 2.jpg

VEXAR® Produce Bags

Packaging 1 Meat Packaging.jpg

Meat Packaging

Packaging 3 Protective Sleeves.JPG

Protective Sleeves

Packaging 4 Seafood Packaging.jpg

Seafood Packaging

Packaging 5 Consumer Products.jpg

Consumer Goods Packaging

Packaging 6 Pallet Wrap.jpg

Pallet Wrap Applications

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