SWM netting helps you keep your valuable assets intact.

About this product

SWM netting can help safeguard, preserve, and maintain the integrity of diverse products and materials.


Our protection netting technology allows us to manufacture a wide range of netting components with different characteristics.  For example, tree protective netting may need a heavier and stronger configuration, while flower protective netting may require lighter, smoother and more flexible designs. A tubular water filter may need a rigid, strong netting configuration, while a kraft paper composite may require a lightweight oriented netting. Our entire team is dedicated to identify the specific characteristics needed to safeguard your valuable assets.


Although we do have products off-the-shelf we work closely with our customers to create customized solutions for their specific applications. Compared to other protective netting materials, our protective netting  portfolio offers many valuable features.  SWM netting is non-corrosive, rust-proof, incinerable, temperature-resistant, chemically-inert, and most importantly, tailored to specific requirements.


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Netting Capabilities Protection 1.jpg

Parts Protection

Containment 5 Potted Plants.jpg

Potted Plants Protection

Protection 4 Crop Protection.JPG

Crop Protection

Protection 5 Nursery Protection.jpg

Nursery Protection

Protection 1 Filtration Protection.jpg

Filtration Protection

Extruded Square Netting in Pipeline Protection.jpg

Pipeline Protection

Protection 7 Fence Solutions.jpg

Fence Protection

Protection 8 Tree Bark Protection..jpg (1)

Tree Protection

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