RYO and MYO Papers

Designed to satisfy consumers in an important niche of the market.

About this product

As an important niche market within the tobacco industry, the demand for these specialized Roll Your Own (RYO) and Make Your Own (MYO) booklet papers is significant and allows us to take advantage of our ability to craft lightweight papers few suppliers can offer worldwide. As with our machine-capable cigarette booklet papers, we also provide valuable options to achieve product differentiation, including On-Line Marking (Velin, Verge and ATF), Off-Line Filigree (for logo reproduction), Off-Line Electric Perforation with all finished papers available in our customers' choice of either rolls, bobbins or reams, or even gummed bobbins. We put the customer at the heart of everything we do. That's why, when it comes to paper products, we offer so many choices.

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A Choice of Weights

We offer converters the widest choice of transparent or light- and ultra-lightweight papers, with a wide range of basis weights from 10 gsm to 25 gsm.
RYO MYO Blneded to spec.JPG

Blended to Specifications

Our multiple fiber pulp offerings include 100% wood and 100% flax, as well as a blend of both. These offerings are available in bleached and unbleached variants.
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Your Own Design

Our state-of-the-art filigree equipment enables us to add your brand identity to your thin and ultra-thin paper.
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Customized Appearance

Our flexible off-line machines ensure optimal visual appearance and product customization. Plus, with the cylinder developed especially for individual customers, it is unique and offers protection against counterfeiting risks.

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