Turfguard™ is an extruded polyethylene mesh used to combat surface wear and make green areas accessible for pedestrian and light vehicles.

About this product

Netlon Turfguard™ soil stabilization grid is an extruded polyethylene mesh that is tough, flexible, long lasting and suitable for occasional access on stable ground. It can be laid on existing grass areas or seed can be sown over the Turfguard. As the grass develops, the plants intertwine with the soil stabilization grid to provide a completely natural appearance and permanent protection against wear.


Turfguard's Soil Stabilizing Benefits

  • Reduced grass wear
  • Easy installation
  • Suitable for new and existing areas
  • Helps prevent surface erosion
  • Provides ideal source control for Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS)

Suitability & Applications

  • Parkland and walkway areas
  • Grass verges
  • Occasional access roads
  • Taxiways for light aircraft
  • Occasional access routes for light vehicles
  • Pedestrian access route


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