Extruded Cylinder Tubes

We provide support, containment, and protection capabilities in every tube.

About this product

Extruded cylinder tubes are generally used to support, contain and separate. Most common applications are in filtration, where extruded cylinder tubes provide strength and rigidity to protect delicate filtration media.  Our extruded tubes are manufactured following the same process as our extruded netting.

Our extruded cylinder tubes are manufactured through a single-step continuous extrusion process that yields a plastic material with integral joints.  All of our extruded cylinder tubes have a square mesh netting configuration, and in comparison to seamed netting tubes, extruded cylinder tubes are stronger due to their consistent cylindrical shape, made in one single-step.

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Extruded Cylinder Tubes in Filtration

Our extruded cylinder tubes are commonly used to protect delicate filtration media due to their strength and rigidity. They are used in outer shields as a core protection in wound or pleated elements. SWM offers an entire portfolio of materials for the filtration industry with distinctive customization capabilities.
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Extruded Cylinder Tubes Features

Our extruded cylinder tubes are rust-proof, non-corrosive, incinerable, temperature-resistant, chemically-inert and rigid — with consistent integral joints. They are also compatible with other materials and tailored to specific requirements

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