Tubing, Cord, and Profiles

Urethane performance in tough and flexible formulations and formats

About this product

Design engineers around the world select SWM's custom engineered precision extruded thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) tubing, cord, and profiles over vinyl options for its superior performance. The comprehensive portfolio offers the outstanding physical properties inherent in its TPU-based film and sheet in a versatile range of shapes and sizes. The different formats exhibit the same strength, durability, and chemical resistance provided in the thermoplastic polyurethane film and sheet but also have kink resistance and grip-ability sought after in these shapes.
Available in two grades, an aromatic polyether, and aromatic polyester, SWM's line of tubing, cord, and profiles are available to suit most applications. They have excellent physical properties including fuel, chemical, and temperature resistance. They also offer UV- and hydrolytic stability typically required in tubing applications. As with any SWM product if a standard grade, size or format does not fulfill the needs of your application our team of technical experts will work with you to develop a custom material formulation and design. Additionally, numerous additive packages are available including, FDA, NSF, and USP VI candidate grades and more.
SWM's capability in tube and pipe products also includes high-performance rods, cores, tubes and machined shapes and extruded cylinder tubes that provide expanded options for our customers.


Flexibility to Customize

SWM extrusion capability and thermoplastic polyurethane expertise give us the flexibility and know-how to produce a variety of custom shapes, sizes, and lengths to fulfill your unique application requirements.

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