Updated May 26, 2020



Dear Valued Customers:


We would like to update you on the status of SWM operations in relation to the current COVID-19 virus situation. In this unprecedented and highly challenging situation, we recognize the need to be agile to keep our employees and the communities in which they work safe while also meeting the needs of our customers.


As of this writing, our global manufacturing facilities are all operating.


We would like to share with you highlights of our Business Continuity Plan:

  • Safety is our priority and we have implemented measuring including temperature checks, social distancing, increased cleaning, employee self-quarantining, and updated staffing measures as necessary. Thus, our facilities are able to operate safely and continue to supply our customers in the multiple markets we serve. As a global supplier with more than 20 facilities around the world, we also have flexibility to produce items in a variety of locations across the globe to help ensure supply.
  • We maintain close and regular contact with our raw material suppliers and we feel comfortable with our supply chain pipeline. We are stocking critical raw material items as necessary. Our supply partners globally remain functional with capacity to meet our needs, and we will continue to monitor.
  • On logistics and freight, we have strategic partners that serve all regions globally in all modes of transportation. Where possible we are reserving booking in advance to ensure capacity.
  • We not only communicate frequently with our critical suppliers but have and continue to develop contingency plans as circumstances warrant.
  • From a leadership point of view, an SWM Crisis Management team that includes all senior executives meets several times each week to ensure we address the concerns of our employees and our customers and adjust plans as necessary.


These are difficult times to predict but we believe the steps and strategies we have implemented are prudent and effective. We realize our products are important to you and we take this responsibility very seriously. At SWM, our people and our customers are our top priority, and we will continue to focus on being able to support all of you during this period.


This page will be updated as necessary to reflect any changes or new developments to our Business Continuity Plans. Thank you for your business and continued support.