A Designer’s Valuable Tool

Cigarette designers are a demanding group, perhaps because they have to keep a step ahead of their customers' varied and sometimes finicky preferences. That's why Reconstituted Tobacco Leaf is in every designer's toolkit. Its flexibility means they can use RTL to match almost any virgin tobacco blend, based on their individual specifications, and achieve their desired blend consistency, smoke delivery profile and product signature.


Our RTL offering is unique in the industry because we employ a proven two-step process, which allows us to maintain specificities of virgin tobaccos, rather than the more involved processes others employ. This not only makes for greater manufacturing efficiencies, it results in a more highly uniform product, with greater control of physical features. That's important.


RTL from SWM provides significant blend cost advantages, too. By combining RTL with virgin tobacco in various blends, manufacturers can produce competitive cigarette offerings while controlling costs. That's especially important in emerging markets, for example, where low price can be critical to success and winning market share in a competitive cigarette quality environment.