Air Filters are vital components in keeping a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) unit running safely and without introducing pathogens into the airway and medical facemasks in general.  We offer a variety of highly efficient meltblown media, made of many different polymers (PP, PBT, PA). We can offer natural or colored meltblown media. We design our meltblown grades to obtain BFE ratings of 99%+ whilst maintaining a low resistance to aid with breathability.  SWM’s electrostatic coarse fibered filter media, Alphastar, has similar efficiencies to our meltblown but has a 10X lower resistance due to the electrostatic effect and coarse fibers.


SWM’s Alphastar Triboelectric filter media captures a wide assortment of dust, pollen and contaminated air particles. Because the Triboelectric material has both positive and negative charge, it attracts air particles which increase filtration efficiency.