Delnet® Apertured Films

Thin Delnet mesh - alone or laminated to other materials - provides purity, high strength and non-stick properties to numerous applications.

About this product

Delnet® Apertured Film is a lightweight, nonwoven material made from a unique extrusion, embossing and orientation process.  By varying the process parameters, a wide variety of Delnet® materials can be created with characteristics to meet many market requirements.

For example, Delnet® Apertured Film can provide a flexible surface layer for medical facemasks or an “ouchless” barrier in finger bandage pads.  Delnet is also used as pleat support for cartridge filters.  It’s used in applications from cheese production to seed hibernation.  As versatile apertured films, Delnet® can be used alone or laminated to different substrates depending on your specific requirements. 

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Cheese Production Netting

Our white or blue colored cheese net has been used in cheese manufacturing for over 40 years. The blue color provides easy visibility to help avoid contamination. Delnet cheese nets are produced from High Density Polyethylene, giving them good tensile strength. We produce the nets from virgin resin, in enclosed, clean conditions on a line approved for medical production. This avoids the dust and contamination of spun cotton or muslin which are often produced in open uncontrolled environments. Its closed hexagonal structure means no threads or loose fibers. The unique structure allows the nets to key together forming a good structure to hold the cheese.
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Apertured Films For Pollination Bags

Delnet® Apertured Films are utilized for pollination bag applications on numerous plants and crops. Manufactured out of high-density polyethylene, our Delnet bags are strong and allow sun to penetrate while resisting seasonal weather. The Delnet pollination bag is very easy to use. Simply position it over the developing flower and tie at the bottom. When timing is appropriate for pollination, the bags may be easily slit open, with scissors or a penknife. Bags are available in multiple sizes and can be heat sealed or sewn. After manual pollination, the bag is closed using either a twist tie or paperclip. The Delnet materials allow water, air and sunlight to pass, while preventing natural insect pollination. Once seeds are ready to harvest the stalk may be cut, the Delnet bags providing a handy carrier, until the seeds can be harvested. Stock sizes are: 10” x 12”,16” x 18” and 18” x 20”. Other size bags from 2.75” x 4” up to 71” x 72” are available.

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