Partnering with Customers

Innovating Together
Because we know the best ideas are born from collaboration, we strive to work with our customers to help them to stay ahead of the game. We listen to what they have to say and partner with them to generate ideas for new products and services, to develop the right designs for their markets and the right engineering approach for their equipment—all with the aim of helping them succeed.



To facilitate collaboration and mutual discovery, we often organize various on-site customer events and visit opportunities throughout the year. These face-to-face meetings help our potential partners and current customers explore and understand the wide range of functionalities, capabilities and benefits our product portfolio can bring to their product development projects.



Whether you are an engineering or industrial design firm, OEM, manufacturer or converter, several of our sites offer customized “Lunch & Learn” sessions, tours, visits or specialty forums specifically designed for your team.  These sessions allow our customers to discover how our products can be used in "less obvious" ways. Sometimes, a product is believed to be used in a few obvious applications, but attendees of our onsite visits often learn of highly technical and less known applications that trigger further innovation.


SWM has a long history of success helping our customers innovate and improve their products by tailoring our advanced materials to deliver the product performance they need.  Custom solutions is an area of expertise that we believe is one of our most significant contributions. Contact us to learn more about our products and to schedule a visit with our team.


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