Product Compliance and Stewardship

Our industry is driven by stringent and dynamic regulatory environment. Ensuring that we are compliant with all of these, every day, is critical to our operations and those of our customers.

Our compliance and stewardship team not only safeguard our products and processes against current applicable regulations and product stewardship policies, they also work proactively to stay well ahead of future regulatory changes.

By monitoring the global regulatory environment, we are not only able to avoid potential risks, but can embrace future business opportunities and accelerate innovation as well.


Protecting customers,
end users and the environment

We regularly test and audit our products to guarantee that they meet customer safety and environmental requirements. The health, safety and wellbeing of everyone across our value chain is of critical importance and we are diligent in our work to ensure that this is maintained.

We also work closely with our customers in their submissions to regulatory bodies. All of our products are designed to be compliant with the regulations applicable to their end users, such as being free from GMO, allergens, carcinogenic, mutagenic and reprotoxic (CMR), endocrin disruptors, biopersistent or bioaccumulative substances.

evidence-based approach to sustainability

Adding value and building trust

Our strength in product compliance and stewardship adds great value to our customers. They can trust that the products and services we provide to them already meet the highest possible regulatory requirements.

An additionnal service we provide is support with submissions to regulatory bodies.  Our team regularly works closely with their customer counterparts to meet the regulatory requirements for submissions to the U.S. Food & Drug Administration, European Tobacco Products Directive, Canadian Tobacco Act, European Single-Use Plastics Directive or to European and U.S. food contact and filtration related regulations.

Compliance statements can also be produced upon request to meet regulatory obligations for specific end uses and area markets.