Logistics and Supply Chain

Our supply chain team ensure that our customers and our mills have what they need, when they need it. With customers around the world and a global footprint, our transportation planning expertise is second-to-none. We work closely with our logistics providers to ensure that we always deliver on time, in full and at the right price.

Dedicated to supporting our customers

Our dedicated service support team have close, collaborative relationships with our customers. We’ve made a conscious decision not to have a central support team, instead locating personnel in the same region as the customers they work with, wherever possible. This increases their close connection and helps to reduce support times as much as possible.

Our dedicated team of customs experts can support you with your day-to-day import and export challenges. With their deep understanding of regulations and clearance processes, they are able to ensure compliance, leading to faster, smoother and more cost effective deliveries worldwide.

Reducing our impact every day

Our commitment to sustainability also applies in our supply chain. We aim to choose the lowest impact transportation options wherever we can, reducing not only emissions, but also waste.

Transparency through technology

Knowing when and where their purchases will be delivered is critical to our customers. That’s why we’re investing in Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) integration with our logistics partners and digitization of our systems and processes. By doing this we reduce the manual work required to keep track of shipments, giving everyone involved the ability to know exactly where a product is at any given time in the process.

Case study


The implementation of a supply chain digitization platform, Elemica, delivers significant efficiency improvements in key supply chain processes. This exciting development will enhance the customer experience wherever we operate and strengthen our logistical operations in a volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) world. Read the article explaining how it works practically for a customer order.