Science, Research and Development

Leading innovation is our mission to develop tomorrow’s high-value engineered materials  through advanced  technologies and processes, helping us transition to safer and more sustainable solutions.

Our deep market and regulatory understanding ensure that we innovate compliant, saleable products which you and your customers will love.

Creativity and leading-edge science

Our innovative creativity is supported by a wealth of scientific knowledge and understanding. Our dedicated team of scientists cover a broad spectrum of disciplines, from chemistry and botany, to physics, environmental, science and toxicology.

Our agile team stay up to date with the latest industry developments, regularly attending and presenting at international events and congresses. They work across the product development and re-development spectrum, ensuring that the material solutions we create stay at the leading edge. Their knowledge and experience in the world of highly engineered materials is invaluable in finding solutions to our customers’ biggest challenges.

Turning your visions into reality

We are the leading experts in sustainable natural fibers and components, turning the visions of our customers into breakthrough safe and intelligent ‘smart’ materials.

We help our customers to develop products at all levels of maturity, from initial ideas and roadmaps through to re-developing existing products to improve their quality, reduce their costs or increase their sustainability.

If you can imagine it, we can develop it!


A better future for all

We believe that the key to protecting our planet for future generations lies in preserving our natural resources and creating a fully circular economy. We are designing products from recycled natural fibers and botanicals, minimizing the use of chemicals, lowering carbon emissions and plastics and bringing landfill back to zero. We are passionately committed to having a positive impact on climate, biodiversity and people’s health.

Our development teams can even support you in re-developing your existing products to improve their sustainability credentials.