Areas of Expertise

The underlying expertise across our global platform is the manufacturing of roll goods. Our Engineered Papers team brings fiber expertise to produce a range of high-tech papers, while our Advanced Materials & Solutions employees are experts in resin extrusion technologies, creating market-leading nets and films.


Our global enterprise has unmatched capability, capacity and commitment, combined with the modern manufacturing equipment and technical expertise to produce products and identify solutions that solve our customers' most demanding application challenges.


Engineered Papers Areas of Technical Excellence

Our fiber-based team has been leveraging game-changing technologies to produce industry-leading products for decades. SWM’s range of papers serve diverse industries that require exacting materials for their products.


Areas of expertise include:

  • Lightweight papers from Ultra Light -11.5 gsm to Medium Weight Papers -25 gsm
  • Markings: On/Off-Line filigreed in Velin, Vergé, Repped, Squared, Diagonal, Original Design
  • High Opacity Paper (HOP) / Low Opacity Paper (LOP)
  • Anti-Spotting Solutions: Single or Double layer
  • Natural Options: Unbleached Fibers
  • Electro-Perforated Paper
    • From 100% Wood to 100% Flax Pulp
    • From 10 to 110 Cu natural porosity
    • From 22 to 40 gsm Basis Weight
  • Reconstitution technologies with various cellulose fibers



Advanced Materials & Structures Areas of Technical Excellence

SWM’s Advanced Materials & Structures segment produce superior products in high-value applications that filter, separate, protect and improve products. One area where we excel from a manufacturing standpoint is our extrusion capabilities.

  • High-volume extrusion
  • Blown film
  • Cast-on-carrier
  • Flat die
  • Multi-layer constructions


Our AMS team also has extensive experience using a range of resins, such as:

Noryl PPO  PVDF Glass-Filled Noryl
Polysulfone Polyethylene  
PET Nylon Polyamide  
ABS Polycarbonate  
CPVC Glass-Filled ABS  


With respect to our specialty films, we offer the following additive packages:

  • UV resistance
  • NSF, FDA and USP approvals
  • Lubricant-free
  • Color options
  • Antistatic films
  • Custom engineered slip properties
  • Flame resistance (UL V-O or equivalent)
  • Extremely high optical clarity
  • Antibacterial

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