Flax Fibers Solutions

We are one of the world leaders in natural fiber solutions, with a specialty in eco-friendly raw materials from flax.

About this product

For over 60 years, we have been refining our process to transform flax to fiber. Today, we are one of the world's largest suppliers, consistently delivering reliable, high-quality flax fibers and pulp materials around the globe. Our unmatched expertise in straw processing produces a natural fiber brought to you by Mother Nature, with a little help from SWM.


Our operation in Winkler, Canada is home to our flax operations. There, we buy straw from our partner network of farm operations representing over 200,000 acres. We turn 100,000 tons of unused straw each year into its component parts for use as biomaterials in industrial applications, as well as for low-cost, high-energy biofuel. We’ve developed a unique expertise in flax fiber solutions, buying, baling and retting flax straw. This expertise allows us to serve a growing demand for environmentally friendly products.


Flax Fibers and Pulp Materials for a Sustainable Future

  • Eco-Friendly Products: Our fiber is mechanically processed from unused straw and, as such, is almost carbon neutral.
  • Quality: Drawing on a network of over 600 farmers, we monitor crops throughout growing season and select only the crops that provide the best quality straw.


Our Fiber Products

Our line of natural fiber products is processed from unused straw and is a blend of oilseed flax fiber and flax shive. We also source and process hemp straw.

  • Flax80Blend
  • Flax70Blend
  • FlaxCustomBlend



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