Synthetic Yarn

Our high-tenacity, multifilament yarn is the essential component in a wide range of applications.

About this product

SWM manufactures exceptional high-tenacity polypropylene yarn in a variety of colors and weights. Our vast capabilities in synthetic yarn is to meet our customers’ product specifications and performance targets. Our multifilament synthetic yarn is manufactured in the U.S. and available worldwide. As a leading polypropylene yarn manufacturer, we can produce yarn between 300 and 1600 deniers. For detailed information about our synthetic yarn portfolio and minimum order quantities, please contact our team.

KEY TERMS Denier (D) is a unit of weight by which the fineness of silk, rayon or nylon yarn is measured. It is equal to the weight in grams of 9000 meters of the yarn (grams/9,000 m). The low numbers represent the finer sizes of yarn while the higher number, the heavier. Example: if synthetic polypropylene yarn is manufactured to be 300 deniers, it means it weighs 300 grams when 9,000 meters of that yarn are weighted. Thus, if we took 1 meter of that synthetic yarn it would be 0.03 grams.

Multifilament denotes a cord or yarn composed of a number of strands or filaments wound together.

Tenacity is the measure of strength of a fiber or yarn. It is defined as the ultimate tensile strength of the fiber at the rupture point. Tenacity units are calculated by dividing the breaking force (grams) by the linear density (deniers).

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