Eco-Score Card

At SWM, we are not just manufacturers; we are pioneers in a sustainable revolution. Introducing our latest initiative, the Eco-Score Card, a groundbreaking resource meticulously designed to champion eco-conscious practices in our product lifecycle.

Committed to environmental responsibility, we’ve embarked on a journey to redefine the very essence of product design, process efficiency, and product usage.

A tool to support the eco-design

eco-score card

Our Eco-Score Card is a commitment to a greener tomorrow. We rethink eco-responsibility in the design and manufacturing process by complementing own eco-design matrix with standardized product life-cycle analyses.

On the one hand, in the Product Design section, we are committed to designing products with minimal environmental impact, exploring innovative alternatives beyond conventional fibers, particularly in the field of eco-packaging.

On the other hand, the Process Efficiency section highlights our five-year program for energy, water consumption…, demonstrating our commitment to minimizing environmental impact at every stage, from design to implementation. Our vision is to standardize eco-design analyses and set high standards for sustainability.

Eco-Design Case Study

Have you thought about moving away from plastic packaging?

A major current focus area of our Thinpact sustainability initiative is looking into how we can reduce the amount of plastic waste in our industry when it comes to packaging. To that end, our ‘eco-packaging’ project started at the end of last year to find a solution which continues to guarantee the highest quality protection for products but does away with the environmentally harmful aspects.

We help to support many aspects of our customers’ sustainability ambitions, the packaging remains lightweight, and is targeted at being cost neutral when compared to legacy solutions. We will continue to develop these eco-design solutions alongside our customers and will look to extend further into re-usability of certain packaging where possible.